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    Time will tell i guess but i tend to agree with your reasoned logic, he is staying.
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    Match Thread Middlesbrough ("H") - Tues 2nd March - 19:00 KO - St. Andrews

    Grendel and cohort who liked his response. It was my rather crucial spelling error in my post. It should he was NOT on fire. But he was the other things I said. In my view at least.
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    Match Thread Middlesbrough ("H") - Tues 2nd March - 19:00 KO - St. Andrews

    Grendel have a day off. He was not on fire he did not score a goal but he was tireless in his defending from the front, creating a few chances and holding the ball up and winning free kicks. At this level, away at a decent team in Blackburn, represents a decent output. You seem to be judging...
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    How many matches ago was the reading game? He could have made his mind up in that time? It does seem odd but I am not close enough to the training or the deal to know if it presents as good value.
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    Not one Not normally one for conspiracies but could this be the reason he is getting his opportunities limited? If Robins doesn't fancy him long term he will want to protect that budget.
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    The lad has more to give. Does anyone know if the situation is we are obliged to buy? Or is there a break clause in the agreement?
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    Match Thread Blackburn Match Thread - 27th Feb - 3PM Kickoff - Ewood Park

    I am slightly suprised but would be interested to get Grendel's scholarly perspective on this!
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    At work, first time Down here in years

    Miss it, the walk up from town and West Terrace atmospheres. For me football stadiums belong near City centres and blended in with the local community. Biggest mistake we ever made was leaving imo. How much would we need to know the crap flats down and build it again (obvs not a serious...
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    Squad Improvements 21-22 (assuming Championship)

    New Goalkeeper - good and bad often starts at the back. I would sell Marosi as he would command the higher fee and I think would be harder to keep happy in the backup role. LCB - not many about but a left sided CB would be a superb asset. The scouts are on this, I hope. CB - if we sign the...
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    Maddison tweet

    Yep I guess I was about 10 yo. Think most people over romanticize early childhood memories.
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    Maddison tweet

    When did we last play villa? I know many feel the rivalry is over hyped but as a kid I remember some great atmospheres at highfield road vs villa. Not quite the same but that has been almost replicated at Sunderland games in recent years.
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    The EU: In, out, shake it all about....

    My point is much wider than immigration, which I think gets far too much press attention. However, as you asked, I feel a truly progressive immigration system is one that looks at need and also economic requirements such as acute skills shortages in key industries. But your right the...
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    The EU: In, out, shake it all about....

    The right wing at its most oppressive opposes migrants, helps the wealthy and guts the welfare state and labor rights The left wing has seemingly forgotten what Liberal means and have instead become obsessed with defending the rights of unqualified illegal migrants and focusing on identity...
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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    New to thid thread and agree with your assessment. UK plc currently have a Covid sized hole in their budget and we need to consider creative solutions for increased taxation. The so called black or underworld economy is worth tens of billions and strategic licencing and supply of cannabis...
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    Least favourite Opposition player this season

    Cantwell for Norwich comes close.
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    Player Ratings

    Football is a game of opinions and I respect those who have a politely constructed opposing view. My issue comes when some (not specifcly you) are almost vitriolic when Max plays the lone forward role averagely. As a team we have struggled in this league with one up top and truthfully we also...
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    Match Thread Brentford

    Agree Max is a partnership player and hope him and Walker can keep linking up like they did today. Great squad effort today.
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    Match Thread Brentford

    If we are playing in a 352 he will play.
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    Josh Reid

    We might just be unlucky but we seem to get more injuries training than in games. Not something common with most clubs. Audit review of the accident book by a commissioned independent specialist is needed.
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    The run in

    Agree it's smaller than before but no travel and familiar surroundings should not be a disadvantage.