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  1. Adge


    We all saw last season what an upgrade Marosi was on Lee Burge at that level (L1). If we manage to survive (which I still think we will just) is it a new goalkeeper/keepers required aswell as they also may not be up to this level (Championship) or is it a case of possible new defenders for a...
  2. Adge

    Leon McKenzie-Stephen Hughes.

    Was recently called out by Leon McKenzie when I said that during the FA cup replay against Bristol City in 2007, that some players were not playing for the manager. Interestingly, Chris Birchall said that after the match Stephen Hughes had gone to the boardroom demanding that they sack Micky...
  3. Adge

    Mame emulator

    Has anyone ever bothered with this? I had it years ago and tried to download it again and play the old classics. Anyone know the best version and the best Rom sites? 99% of them are not working and I fancied a game of Mr Do!
  4. Adge

    Mike Dean

    Family members received death threats after his VAR red card to Soucek on Sunday. Dear oh dear! The lengths some people go over a game of football.
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    Lets be realistic

    Well what do we really expect? We knew the step up would be massive and so it’s proving to be, but I think we will survive which everyone would have taken before the season started and was probably the aim. Remember seeing some thinking that we could challenge for the playoffs! 😆
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    Anyone need a bit of Tiling doing? :D
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    Putting photos on a slide show

    Evening all! Does anyone know a way to put lots of photos on a loop and have them continuously played from a laptop onto a projector? Just tried it with PowerPoint but there is a limit of about 50 photo’s. Trouble is there is about 200 odd photos that we want to play in a loop-it’s for a funeral...
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    Rob Gurney podcast

    Has anyone given this a listen? Good insight into his time commentating on his beloved Sky Blues and how his time ultimately ended when he fell out with Strachan etc.
  9. Adge

    SkyBluesExtra podcasts

    Very good listen the Micheal Doyle one about his time at Cov etc. Also, Andy Morrell had a few interesting things to say about Doyle’s partner in midfield at the time Stephen Hughes. “Could have been a good player if he turned up to training and on the pitch when he could be bothered” Sounded...
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    Highfield Rd auction

    Following from yesterday’s last match against Derby, just wondering what people purchased in the Auction before they knocked it down? Was determined to have a bid on the Elephant and ball that was perched above the Main Stand entrance and @oscillatewildly and I went up with our £100 in hand but...
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    PC, Imac or Ipad?

    Hi all, I am at the stage where I need to be looking at a new computer. Always had a PC with Windows etc but with the room the desktops take up was possibly looking at a I Mac or Ipad to save clutter. Don't know the first thing about I mac so was wondering if anyone has one and what to look out...
  12. Adge

    33 years ago today

    Coventry City 3-2 Leeds Utd. Our first trip to Wembley on the horizon. A minibus full of us from Cardinal Wiseman School and were only age 13 at the time. Wonder if anyone else from here was on it? Great times.
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    Am looking to get rid of the Sky Tv/broadband package I have and was looking at buying a new Freesat box or Tv with Freesat built in. Any recommendations? Was looking at a Humax recorder/pvr. I am limited to a satalite dish because of where I am so freeview isn’t an option. Also, can anyone...
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    Jordan Willis

    Has been mentioned in dispatch’s in other posts (and now another) but wouldn’t be good enough to get into our team now would he?
  15. Adge

    First timers at St Andrews

    So, who has changed their mind and is going for the first time tomorrow? Hope the occasion lives up to the hype and razzmatazz surrounding it and everyone has a good day and stays safe and we get the right result.
  16. Adge

    Neil Shipperley

    Masturbation-in-van footballer sentenced :emoji_open_mouth:
  17. Adge

    For them who criticize......

    Go on, you know you want too.....
  18. Adge

    Academy v Watford

    Anyone down there this morning? Was one of the officials on the U16’s and the CCFC no 2 looks like a player. Anyone know much about him?
  19. Adge

    Huckerby, Whelan, Hall

    Were at the Jag club tonight. Anyone else go? Whelan was in great form.
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    Marosi 7 Not much to do all game but decent save in the 2nd half and good claims in the air on a few occasions. Clean sheet aswell. Rose 6 Wasn’t really tested. Hyam 6 Same. McCallum 8 Great game going forward and defending and won lots in the air against their bigger players. Man of the...