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  1. JimmyHillsbeard

    U23 Vs Wednesday

    Isn’t 45 Mario Baletlli’s number?
  2. JimmyHillsbeard

    Bakayoko injury

    In fairness it’s pretty difficult to jump with your arms up in the air to catch a ball without raising one knee.
  3. JimmyHillsbeard

    How stupid do I feel!

    Kevin Gallacher missed the start of the 1992-3 season with us as he damaged his Achilles while wearing flip-flops on holiday. these kids can’t even get original freak injuries!
  4. JimmyHillsbeard

    Ruben Lameiras

    was unplayable at Bramall Lane that day. was equally unplayable in the next game ... after a week without a fixture Tony Mowbray forgot who had started at Sheff Utd and dropped him mistakenly trying to keep the same team (according to Kieran Crowley on the Niis podcast)
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    for half a season or so under Pressley, Fleck and Thomas were crucial to us. Most weeks they performed very well and Clarke and Wilson were able to prosper partially because of how reliable they were as the engine room. They moved on, one to a team who got promoted out of League One all the way...
  6. JimmyHillsbeard

    If there is a god

    During the first lockdown the club put out the the 5-4 win at the SoL as a watch along. I viewed jt expecting it to be Enobakhare who caught the eye, but It was notable that Bakayoko had a great game that day.
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    Rangers interested in Hamer

  8. JimmyHillsbeard

    Match Thread Norwich FA cup

    6 Coventry defenders and the goalkeeper in the box when the cross comes in. Their one player gets a free header.
  9. JimmyHillsbeard

    Match Thread Norwich FA cup

    There are a couple more who are worse in the starting XI
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    You were always flouncing off clutching a string of pearls Toby fare 😉
  11. JimmyHillsbeard

    Eccles Recalled

    My mistake he is eligible. Apologies. Do we have any further information on whether the Daily Mail article suggesting the suspension of the can’t play for three clubs in a single season rule is accurate?
  12. JimmyHillsbeard

    Eccles Recalled

    He can play for us in the Cup. Unlike James who wasn’t signed a week before the cup tie. I suspect it’s a sign that we will field a back up team on Saturday and if the DM article is correct he may get a second loan later in the month.
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    Signings Incoming......

    John Parrot? Or the bloke from M’wall who won their penalty?
  14. JimmyHillsbeard

    Ratings v Millwall

    And for the record Brian Borrows was generally held to be incredibly unlucky not to have been capped by England. I dare say had he played for a different club especially one in London or the north west he might have been in the frame.
  15. JimmyHillsbeard

    Ratings v Millwall

    Nilsson was almost impeccable. Made one -and only one mistake in his entire SkyBlue career, treading on the ball in injury time of the replay at Bramhall Lane in 1998. It squeezed our under his foot and went fit a corner from which they equalised and went on to knock us out on penalties.
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    Clive Eakin [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    Watched on Sky rather than iFollow but I did wonder how Clive coped when the referee actually gave a foul throw!!!
  17. JimmyHillsbeard

    The New Charlton Owner We are briefly mentioned alongside Wigan and Sunderland. Doesn’t sound like he even spoke to anyone just that our name cropped up among the list of clubs for sale. He went for a club based in London. Charlton’s ground remains the property of Roland...
  18. JimmyHillsbeard

    Terry Gibson

    Nope. Remind us! Wasn’t he at Vile at the time? Not convinced he has much love for the club tbh, heard of him tell terrifying stories abt training w Terry Yorath, and he regularly cropped up on CWR as guest summariser when we played Doncaster for whom his son plays.
  19. JimmyHillsbeard

    Most goals by of City player in first team match

    McNulty scored 2 hat tricks in our promotion season I think. Away to Cheltenham was def one.