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  1. Gazolba

    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Yesterday at work, we had a virtual town hall meeting (not sure if you have them in the UK). Anyway the last topic in the meeting was "Issues in Health Equity". I'm sure you've heard that Covid-19 affects minorities more than privileged white people. The implication being that this is somehow...
  2. Gazolba


    There's usually some idiot who says "Next season, relegation might be the best thing for us". I would never say it though.
  3. Gazolba

    The Players who will be forgotten

    Cedric Roussel, scored some great goals for us.
  4. Gazolba

    66 World Cup final

    It was live in b+w on b+w TVs. It was live in colour on colour TVs. That colour TV was the most expensive thing my father ever bought, except our house. He never owned a car.
  5. Gazolba

    George Floyd

    George Floyd was no saint: COURT DOCUMENTS: George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal | GreatGameIndia
  6. Gazolba

    Take the Ball, Pass the Ball

    Two simple rules. Know who you are going to pass it to before you get it Make yourself available for a pass (In other words don't stand still like 90% of players).
  7. Gazolba

    66 World Cup final

    The thing I remember most about this is my father, who hated to spend money on non-essentials, splurged on a new colour TV just for this event. Until then we'd only had black and white TVs. I also remember he had no idea how to adjust the colours (it was a manual process in those days), so the...
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    Photography thread

    Nice shots. Those look like Nezara Viridula (Green Stink Bug aka Green Vegetable Bug) Fact sheet - Green vegetable bug (098)
  9. Gazolba

    Photography thread

    Nice shots. How did you take them? I just bought a 60x telescope and am going to try taking some moon photos through that. Won't be easy, it's so powerful it's difficult to focus on it even visually. And the slightest movement sends it out of the viewfinder. Will have to use my heaviest-duty tripod.
  10. Gazolba

    George Floyd

    Far more black people are killed by other black people (in the USA) than by white people. So if 'Black Lives Matter', why do black people keep killing black people? Over the last weekend in May, a three day holiday in the US, 85 people were shot and 24 killed, according to the University of...
  11. Gazolba

    Kit launch at Coombe Abbey

    Rubbish. In the 1960's they were just big stones in the middle of a field. Went there on a school trip. No fence, nothing. You just walked up to them and touched them.
  12. Gazolba

    Playing in our city

    Financially, it would make sense to get back to the Ricoh. The Birmingham pitch is likely to be a better surface though.
  13. Gazolba

    Gustavo Hamer - CONFIRMED

    Hope he doesn't fly to Coventry on a small private plane with a dodgy pilot.
  14. Gazolba

    Photography thread

    It's tough to focus on insects because the camera wants to focus on the background instead. The secret is to just take lots of shots, eventually one will be perfectly in focus. You can also try focussing on something the same distance away, then holding that focus and then pointing the camera to...
  15. Gazolba

    Your Portfolio

    You guys looking for a quick return by timing the market are following a fools game. The best strategy is to buy a diversified selection of stocks (stock funds are a million times better) and hold onto them for the long term, ignoring short-term ups and downs. Do you know how much you'd be worth...
  16. Gazolba

    Photography thread

    I have tons of cameras, lenses, attachments and accessories left over from my film photography days. When I first started in photography I even developed my own film and enlarged and printed the negatives. I still have my darkroom equipment, enlarger and multiple enlarging lenses packed away...
  17. Gazolba

    Why are male footballers wearing bras?

    Do these actually provide some athletic benefit? Matty Godden pictured.
  18. Gazolba

    George Floyd

    Can you point me to the news report?
  19. Gazolba

    George Floyd

    You can't have that attitude as the police though, at least not in the USA. You have to immediately assess the danger when encountering any individual. Anyone could be carrying a gun, knife or other weapon. Police have been shot and killed just for approaching someone.
  20. Gazolba

    George Floyd

    The Governor of Phoenix, Arizona (we're a long way from Minneapolis) has declared a curfew from 8pm till 5am due to the civil disturbances occuring here. The good news is we get to leave work early. We have to be out by 4pm.