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    Didn’t Dion score.....

    The laws you have pointed to are open to an interpretation which you have taken in regards to 'circumventing the back pass rule' and 'respecting the game', and then applying it to Dublin's goal, which other refs may or may not agree with. The circumstances of the Dion goal do not 'clearly' apply...
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    Player Ratings v Reading

    Hyam had a nightmare and was at fault in some way for all 3 goals.
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    Loan players

    Do all his team mates still hate him?
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    Rearranged Games

    You've jinxed it now :oops:
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    6 at home - one away coming up!

    Not convinced home advantage has the same impact in BCD games. Philosoraptor has probably got an unintelligible graph which might or might not tell us if it does :)
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    Richard Keogh

    Keogh was a very good player for us who also gave his all. He went onto have a very successful career at Derby, before he was effectively hung out to dry when they were happy to move him on, and used the drink driving incident as a reason to justify not paying up his contract. The other players...
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    Most famous 'One Trick Pony'?

    Mick Coop's 'scoop' into the stratosphere Bill Glazier's acrobatic photogenic dives Alan Dugdale's thuggery Lloyd Mcgrath's shoulder charge David Smith crossing onto Speedie's head Clinton Morrison's shrug Gunnarson's throw ins
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    Most famous 'One Trick Pony'?

    That was something he picked up from playing with Denis Wise. Very useful tactic if your own forwards are alive to it.
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    Most famous 'One Trick Pony'?

    Maybe before your time but Ian Wallace was pretty good on overhead kicks
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    January transfer window

    Think he's training with Bournemouth so imagine he would sign for them if he impresses them enough
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    Transfer Rumour Matty James

    Isn't that what every team does?
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    Signings Incoming......

    I note you keep banging on about Crowley's superior end product, yet he has only scored 1 goal in 41 games at this level for Blues.
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    Signings Incoming......

    Yes, fair enough. I'm just slightly wary of the 'Cov lad' being bigged up by his mates scenario. I don't remember ever seeing him play so am relying on second hand reports to be honest. From those reports I have read it seems that while he has undoubted individual ability, he has struggled to...
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    Signings Incoming......

    So why can't he get a game for a very poor Birmingham side?
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    Match Thread Norwich FA cup

    We should play a strong team in my opinion, although quite happy to not risk anyone carrying a knock that might otherwise play in a League game. Given that winning this tournament is our greatest achievement I do not like to see us disrespect the tournament, even if others do.
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    Best CCFC XI still playing

    From the OP's team I would change Van Aanholt for McCallum, Stephens for Ostigaard and Hamer for Murphy. The latter change would mean a change of system, and also a stronger team.
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    Scariest time at a ground.

    Away fans going to the station were escorted via Gulson Road, and under the subway leading to Quinton Road, before they reached the train station. Given all the pubs on Gosford Street I don't think the Police would have been too keen on them taking that route
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    Video Coventry City v Stoke City highlights

    Their player was trying to block Wilson releasing the ball quickly, and if the ref had blown for anything it would have been for a foul to us.
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    Festive fixture memories

    Yes - didn't Gould resign immediately after the game? If not he didn't stay much longer! If I remember right it was a weird game where we started really well, and seemed on top but they then scored every time they attacked, when we were unable to cope with Linekar and Smith.
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    Festive fixture memories

    I was at this game too and there was a real edge throughout the day. I remember a copper getting his helmet knocked off and it being thrown amongst our fans like a stray balloon. We were so tightly packed that the Police couldn't get in to retrieve it. I also remembert hat coming out the ground...