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  1. oucho

    Edgbaston parking

    Going to the SA v NZ game on Wednesday - driving in from north of Brum - please can someone recommend a good place to park for free near to the ground? Cheers Ouch.
  2. oucho

    Is Donny likely to be "pay on the gate"

    and/or will away end tickets likely be on general sale on the day from the DRFC ticket office? I'd heard we'd sold lots (1800?) of our allocation when we still had a chance of making this a "play off knockout game" - might take a chance on the day and head up there, but only if there's a...
  3. oucho

    Average gate for 2018/2019?

    Anyone know how many we averaged for a home game this season (in the league) and how this compares to previous years? For the purpose of comparison I guess we may need to know when the club began counting all tickets sold as "attended" as opposed to the actual number through the gates each...
  4. oucho

    Troubles at Bolton

    Game called off tomorrow as players refusing to play, due to non-payment of wages. Can't remember a situation like that arising before in all my years watching the game. Hope their club gets through this but it doesn't look good. Hope that all those Bees fans who've bought expensive train...
  5. oucho

    Out of contract in the summer

    Sorry if I have missed this somewhere, but can anyone confirm which players are out of contract in the summer? It's coming round to that time of year where I scan through the OOC list and ponder who ought to be extended and who should be binned off....
  6. oucho

    Adam Johnson

    Saw he got released from prison today. It made me wonder how our fans would feel if tried to sign him up. As far as I know he hasn't had a life ban from the game so it is possible some club will consider signing him. Personally I'd be against given what he was jailed for, but it does pose some...
  7. oucho

    A plea for safe driving over Christmas

    Woke up to some horrendous news here in Lincoln this morning; two 19-year old kids killed by a drink driver last night, less than 1 mile from my house on a stretch I drive every week. The 26-year old who slammed into them fled the scene but was later arrested by police. Just imagine being the...
  8. oucho

    Why are Man U crap now?

    Should have known better than to back Utd against Palace as part of my accumulator yesterday - in my annoyance I tried to reflect on why they've been so poor since SAF retired. I say "poor", they won the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup, League Cup, finished 2nd last season in what would have been a...
  9. oucho

    2 tickets to National Brewery Centre, Burton - free to a good home

    I've come into (lawful) possession of a "free entry for two" voucher for the National Brewery Centre, Burton, which comes with a few (small) free taster drinks at the end of the tour. This is effectively the museum of the Bass brewery in Burton town centre, have been before and it's very...
  10. oucho

    Premier League trivia question

    Of the 30 players with 4 or more Premier League winners' medals, only 3 (!!) have won their medals for a club other than Man U - who are these three players?
  11. oucho

    Saw this on hols and it made me smile

    In a Slovak themed restaurant of all places...sorry picture quality not great.
  12. oucho

    EFL Trophy (Checkatrade) knockout round dates

    Hi - can anyone help me by pointing me to where I can find the dates for the weeks where the knockout rounds of the EFL Trophy are scheduled to be played? Had a look abut could not find this. Thanks!
  13. oucho

    Pros and cons of having kids - and not having them

    Penny for your thoughts everyone; I don't have kids but it's a discussion topic with me and the mrs. Must say I do not feel a natural instinct or enthusiasm for being a dad....but I want to be open minded and as part of doing so would like to hear genuine thoughts from users on here of the...
  14. oucho

    What would you prefer

    Losing the Checkatrade final last season but winning today, or.... Winning the Checkatrade last season as we did but losing today? For me it's the first option, hands down.
  15. oucho

    PM me if you need Wembley tickets

    I've got access to a batch of Wembley tickets; ordered far too many (turned out those we bought them for had made other arrangements without telling us). Right now I have got: Block 133. Cat 6 Adult. 15 @ £28.40p Cat 5 Adult. 12 @ £34.40p Cat 5 Sen...
  16. oucho

    Jlloyd Samuel RIP

    Jlloyd Samuel: Former Aston Villa and Bolton defender dies in car crash Shocking news - 37 is no age to go. I lost a mate in RTA a few years ago and its horrendous. Ex-Villa or not, this is very sad news. RIP mate - solid pro.
  17. oucho

    PM me if you need a ticket for Friday night

    As it says on the tin.....have got access to a bunch of spares for the away end on Friday night. All are adult tickets - on sale at face value. You'll need to collect from a pub in Nottingham city centre on the afternoon of the match i.e. from about 5pm onwards. Genuine offer. Serious takers...
  18. oucho

    Would we compete in League One?

    I for one think that our current squad/team is much stronger than the one that was relegated last season. So the question arises, if we get promoted and keep broadly the same squad, how would we do next season in League One? My own view is that we'd be good for a mid-table finish at least. We...
  19. oucho

    What are you doing with your 'day off'?

    After a great 3 points last night, what are you doing today? Am off to Derby for a day watching the county championship!
  20. oucho

    Football Lads Alliance (FLA)

    Has anyone on here had anything to do with the FLA? Sure I read a post from someone a while back saying they were going to one of their demos in London. A bit of Googling implies they're possibly a sort of front group for anti-Muslim types, but it's not really clear. I ask because the FLA has...