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  1. dojer

    Jake Jervis on Trial

    Apparently played really well in the Turkish league after signing there in January. Tall, powerful striker. Had about 80 different loan spells in the English lower leagues to mixed success. I reckon he'd be a good signing, has a decent track record in League 1.
  2. dojer

    MK Dons fan in peace.

    Piss off club thief
  3. dojer

    Nooo - What has McGodrick gone and done?

    My friend's an Ipswich fan and he said McGoldrick played well today, despite some poor service today. He did get an assist for Ipswich's 1st today as well.
  4. dojer

    Peter herbert and the society of black lawyers!

    I don't know where to begin. Firstly you refer to the post-war immigrants as the 'first' immigrants. This whole country is founded on immigrants, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, etc. secondly the whole Tottenham and yid thing is sickening as most Tottenham fans aren't Jewish. Most spurs fans claim...
  5. dojer

    Paul dickov

    I've always thought he'd done a decent job on a low budget (which might be why SISU are attracted to him). If it's true then it's strange that the board will be willing to spend money on an average manager when there are equal or better managers available for free, which is what they did when...
  6. dojer

    Coventry v Yeovil matchday thread

    That's not fair, the season will be slightly shorter but still plenty of time to mount a play-off/promotion push. There's no need to put so much pressure on the team already. If we don't win either of these two, although it will be hard to see any cause for optimism but it's important to get...
  7. dojer

    Coventry v Yeovil matchday thread

    Hopefully this isn't the team Thorn thinks will be his XI for the rest of the season. If we have a bad start but use it to find a winning formula then that's forgivable. Thorn has to learn from his mistakes. He has to know that this performance is deeply below-par for a side who he says is going...
  8. dojer

    More signings?

    Hopefully we're looking at adding another midfielder and striker. We've got a decent-ish starting XI but the team looks to be significantly weakened in the event of injuries to key players.
  9. dojer


    I accept that with my comments earlier were slightly strong but the crowd does have play an integral part of a football match was my point. Maybe Clingan didn't care what happened to the club, maybe he's a mercenary and couldn't wait to leave Coventry. In my opinion, and you're free to your own...
  10. dojer


    He's been overly criticised by fans, like McSheffrey has been. This is part of the reason why we got relegated, if a player isn't running around like a headless chicken then he gets booed. There's absolutely no patience when we try and play out of defence, 3 passes and people get annoyed that...
  11. dojer

    How long before the fans turn this season...

    If we struggle at the start I anticipate the boo boys will be out pretty quickly (3 or 4 games). We need to give this team time, but I'm afraid a lot of fans don't have the patience. Personally if the team is struggling to find form by November/December and we're not in the top half by then my...
  12. dojer

    BBC Olympic mistakes thread

    Look at the left of the story. They've listed Joe Allen as Northern Irish, woops.
  13. dojer

    Eunan O'Kane

    Originally Nottingham Forest were linked because Sean O'Driscoll tried to sign him for Crawley. Which rules Forest out because they're not in League 1. O'Kane already turned Crawley down so I doubt he's going there. The only other League 1 clubs who could afford him would be Swindon and...
  14. dojer

    Latest Odds

    I looked at a Sheffield United forum this week, some fans are talking about potentially being relegated. Their finances are apparently not in great shape, neither is their squad. There are some weak looking teams in League 1 at the moment, so I can't imagine Sheffield United being relegated. It...
  15. dojer

    CET: Man Utd defender could come in, Richard Wood could go

    If Sheffield Wednesday are interested in Wood then it seems very strange that they would be. Look at their squad, they've signed Anthony Gardner and already have Mark Beevers, Reda Johnson, Rob Jones, Miguel Llera, Mark Reynolds and Lewis Buxton who can all play in central defence. Seems a case...
  16. dojer

    Erik Husekepp

    He should never have ended up in the Championship. Was a really good prospect before he joined Bari, Portsmouth signed him with money they didn't have. I reckon he could get a move to a top flight European league, like Germany or Spain. Looked good but was kind of underwhelming last season given...
  17. dojer

    Importance of Formations?

    I think the playing philosophy matters most. You can have your players anywhere on the pitch but if they know exactly what they're need to do to make the system work that's the difference. Formations in themselves aren't good or bad on their own it depends on how they're used, in terms of both...
  18. dojer

    Player Numbers..

    If it's any help Fleck is number 10, judging from the the pictures on the official site. I used to be really annoyed seeing players with wrong squad numbers, Defenders with 9/10 Strikers wearing 3/5 and now I've stopped caring.
  19. dojer

    Jordan willis next out of door

    I don't understand the footballing reasons for the big clubs hoovering up young players. Surely if they stay at the club they will be able to prove if they are good enough or not for the premier league? It seems a waste of money spending so much on youth players who don't develop because they...
  20. dojer

    Good Season this Season?

    It depends on the context. I don't really know how strong our squad is compared to the rest of League 1. The pessimist in me thinks that mid-table would be a good finish, the optimist thinks that we could challenge for top 2. I also think people's expectations will depend on the strength of the...