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    New Kit

    Yeah I think the coventry council might struggle to put up a reason to object planning
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    New Kit

    It always amazes me that local people moan about all the high rise student flats but the two Universities employ a lot of locals.Just like car manufacturing,in the fifties and sixties,it'll put the city in focus.Warwick are involved in the light rail,electric vehicles and environment friendly...
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    New Kit

    Warwick University?/
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    New Kit

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    Ricoh is confirmed?

    I was on facebook last night and Sunny the lad who took the photograph with the new signings, hinted that there was good news imminent and asked fans to share their photos of the Ricoh
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    The new flag designs...

    Even if/when Robins leaves he'll still be a sky blue legend just like Jimmy and for that reason I've voted B.
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    If we make any new signings would they go straight onto being furlough or would the club have to pay them.Can't see the government agreeing to the former.
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    Realistic signings

    Not sure if it's been mentioned beore and I've missed it,but O'Hare,Hamer and da costa, have the same agent Wassermann.
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    too much too young - flag design

    Yeah this one looks good,covers most requirements just needs fine tuning
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    crowd surfer Flag for Robins....

    People leave in a physical sense,but their spirit lives on for what they have achieved.Anyway just about to donate whatever is decided,I'm also going to donate to Cov rugby as well.I'm a Cov kid of 70years and proud of the city and although don't like rugby,it's still important they also get...
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    Line up for championship next season

    He's the back up keeper,haven't seen enough of him to form an opinion
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    Young city fan dies

    Just been reading the article in the telegraph,my heart goes out to family and friends. R.I.P Kyle
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    CCFC Face masks

    amazon looks a decent price
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    Preston demanding embargo

    Preston North End boss Alex Neil calls for measures that would ban Leeds United from signing players Leeds are all over it as well.
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    Accrington Chairman on twitter

    I think if you bought online ticketmaster are refunding your card,if you paid by cash you will have to wait until they open the butts ticket office.