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    Things that annoy you

    I'll raise you..... Michael Owen.
  2. vow the pitch

    Yes, that's him from off the radio phone ins. You're right, he's not Legion just a very naughty boy.....I also remember him from the days of the CET online forum too, always seemed "in the know" and drank in the Wheatsheaf before/after match(?).
  3. vow the pitch

    It's spelt Blouse, a bit like 'would you like a kipper tie?'
  4. vow the pitch

    I understand that snitches get stitches and end up in ditches but....pretty sure LeamingtonBootBoy = Juggy
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    Chavs, “road men”

    Road Men? Lays Tarmac and fixes potholes in my experience...
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    Things that annoy you

    They're just a bit unfriendly, unlike a dog who will bound around to get your love and attention.
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    Watch Plymouth's 3rd Goal!

    bloody hell
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    Viktor - Fitness

    Fair enough, but it tricked me to begin with.
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    Viktor - Fitness

    Isn't the picture a trick of the light, basically his knee in front of his ankle, which looks like a big ol' swollen ankle? 🤔
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    Katie Price

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    Wulfrunians v Coventry B'ham Senior Cup Tues 12th Oct

    Sheffers? Jennings? The edge?
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    Blackburn Away tickets

    Take me m8 😍
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    Golden FAN charge

    Haha, your talents are wasted on here m8
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    The Penalty

    I seem to remember Gareth Bale getting a retrospective ban for a similar thing....but he defo didnt dive as he was trying to avoid contact, due to running so fast!