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    Scores on the doors v Blackburn

    Pasty why don’t you just fkoff and support the Villa . We don’t need fans like you .
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    Match Thread Swansea Match Thread

    All I’m going to say is overall a very decent team performance should have won really. O’Hare had his worst game for us but is forgiven as he will learn from it and come back stronger hopefully in Saturday.
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    Match Thread Brentford Match Thread

    Let’s not get too disheartened we were very unlucky to lose at Bristol City should have had at least a draw and they are top. Beat QPR did ok at Barnsley and were bullied out of it by Bournemouth who by the way have gone down big time in my opinion . So overall I think we are doing ok. Looking...
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    Well it’s history now but still really wonder if he did the miners a favour . And I’m not being political ,my Dad went down the pit when he was 14.
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    Interesting but surely it’s a bit early to use stats like that ?
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the People’s Republic of Barnsley ( Arthur Scargill excluded of course !,)
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    As we all know there are bound to be a few brain dead idiots who will post pathetic unsympathetic comments . Why don’t they just bugger off and support the Villa ?
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    Unfortunately we have some major DICKHEAD supporters
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    Pray that the club give him every support through this for as long as it takes
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    Mid Table finish?

    Watford 1997-99 League 2 to PL Norwich 2009-11 League 1 to PL Southampton 2010-2. League1 to PL So it can be done
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    Salary Caps

    Sorry if this had already been explained but can anybody tell me how the ‘squad’ is calculated ? Is it just the first team squad ? Thanks
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    Bournemouth Enquire about Robins

    Agree but I’m talking about potential without a mega rich totally ego driven owner they are at best at League One club
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    Bournemouth Enquire about Robins

    With respect why would he want to move to an infinitely smaller club ?
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    Callum Wilson Where to next

    My dislike of Eddie Howe began when he was screaming at the ref to get that well known animal (😂😂😂) Bigirimana however you spell it. sent off at the Ricoh a few years back