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    Katie Price

    As I stated, she needs help and being dealt with by the law. There needs to be some form of rehabilitation process along with the punishment otherwise she will only continue along the path she is currently on and next time may well cause the injury or death of an innocent road user. A...
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    Guilty pleasures on telly

    I seem to have found myself getting involved in watching the married at first sight programme on E4.
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    Katie Price

    From afar, looks as though she is beginning to unravel, perhaps years of chasing fame / being in the public eye, equated to her feeling loved and accepted, and now that is waning , perhaps she is struggling to cope. I think I've also read her Mum was given a terminal diagnosis recently, ( not...
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    The walking dead starts again tonight

    Superb episode this week, loved it, very tense.
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    New Dr Who

    I've watched every episode of the Whittaker reign and would struggle to recall anything of note from them
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    He was hot and cold here some of our worst defeats came from when he was playing centrally. However he's a young defender so that's why he is on loan at a championship club, to make the mistakes and learn. Would I have preferred we sign him, probably yes at the start of the season However...
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    Phil Upton exlusive

    Dirty bit
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    Phil Upton exlusive

    Man, I would be there with my knickers around my ankles...
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    Joy Seppala at Warwick University

    Ref the Slade appt, I don't think there were too many dissenting voices, we had tried bigger names, and we pretty much all said let's get someone in who knows the leagues, has had success etc on small budgets... Granted we were wrong, horribly horribly wrong.
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    Joy Seppala at Warwick University

    We, as a club need to get involved in ESports. Big money in it.
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    The walking dead starts again tonight

    Or pieces, given that Rick and Michonne chopped him up.
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    The walking dead starts again tonight

    Ratings / streaming requests have also returned very strong numbers. I've really enjoyed watching it so far. Carol, the only character (for me) who l currently don't get. Over the past couple of seasons we have seen her become nigh on reckless, charging head first into situations without much...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Hopefully I'm just getting to the end of this bloody virus, until yesterday I've struggled to do anything since Bank Holiday Monday. Yesterday was the first day where my time was spent "normally" ie looking after myself , sitting up , watching TV,and I have got to say, I've never felt so rough...
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    We had it bad under Russell Slade..............

    Totally lacking any direction, either there is no message from the manager or the players aren't getting it. Ultimately that's on Artetas shoulders. You can't hold him responsible for the daft tackle from Xhaka but then when does.something daft ( by todays standards) you don't pat his back as...