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    A quick coffee break in amongst all the madness !

    Haha, I like the Ronaldo impression with the deep breaths before taking a free kick
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    Game of thrones Vs The walking Dead Vs Dexter

    The season 3 finale of The Walking Dead was a bit of an anti-climax compared to the other 2 seasons. There are still more seasons to come. If you Google it you can watch it online to catch up ;)
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    Game of thrones Vs The walking Dead Vs Dexter

    Game of thrones havent seen dexter before though
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    Odd-goal defeats

    The other team scores one more goal than us.
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    Return of the Thorn

    fail :whistle:
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    Martin O Neil Sacked

    Nope, but it's still going to be a talking point in football this week at least.
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    Win on weds 4-0 or next Sat 1-0?

    If we are a goal up at HT on Wednesday it's all to play for second half. True we are spurning chances at the moment but we are still creating the chances in the first place - somebody is due a hiding! May it be Crewe on Wednesday!
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    shows how many fake fans there was at Crewe

    I work shifts which means I work most Saturdays and was working during the Yeovil game. I have however been to a couple of away games in the last few seasons where there have only been 200 odd CCFC fans, so by that logic you can narrow 11,000 down to a couple of hundred real supporters and then...
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    New £30m stadium in pipeline

    If they build a new one can they make note of the following points: 1) Have the stands closer to the pitch for a better atmosphere 2) Have a lower roof for better atmosphere 3) Lower the capacity for better atmosphere 4) Make the away stand in one of the corners rather than behind the goal 5)...
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    New £30m stadium in pipeline

    SISU have to look at other potential options, I think that's all this is and has then probably been blown out of proportion by the council. Also I don't think McGoldrick "walked" because he stumbled upon a secret evil SISU meeting outlining details to build a stadium in South Warks.
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    Robins gone

    Thought he said a couple of weeks ago he had sky blue in his blood. I hope this isn't true!
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    The Edge giving it large on Twitter

    Not exactly giving it large, just people on twitter trying to get attention for themselves by trying to wind players up.
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    News on loans

    I would prefer BWP over Madine mostly because I think Madine is too similar to Clarke whereas BWP offers something completely different and has also scored a load of goals at this level.
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    our true league position

    Still, anyone remember at the start of the season on the football league show when they were saying we should just hope for 20th this season ?
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    DJ Smile

    That was really good improvising, this is real music. Never mind the mainstream in-time and rehearsed crap where people have took time to learn instruments it just smacks of too much effort!