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    Season tickets posting

    SISU out! Can’t even stuff a few tickets in an envelope.
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    Christian Eriksen

    Eufa confirmed on his way to hospital and is stable.
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    Death List 2021

    Edward de Bono - wearing the black hat.
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    Obviously according to the road map, year 8 is Champions League and time for re-negotiation.
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    Things that annoy you

    You won't be sending a begging letter then?
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    Daughter’s Wedding

    Best wishes - are you having it near Banbury?
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    Bricks at the Ricoh

    Ah, cheers..That makes sense!
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    Bricks at the Ricoh

    I was surprised watching the Where Eagles Dare about Palace on Prime, that there's a Glazier Lounge. He only played 106 games for them so must have made quite an impression.
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    New Kittens - Help!

    Don't worry the cats will knock you into shape pretty soon.
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    Obviously lived a very sheltered life!
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    Thought it was a sanitary product.
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    Best TV shows or movies you can recommend

    Watching When Eagles Dare about Palace on Amazon. Finding it a really interesting watch. Having said that, if a similar programme was produced following City, I think most people would not believe our story over the passed 10-12 years!
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    Might need a paracetamol

    City of Cultural differences!
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    Things that annoy you

    Can't seem to get through to the wife when she continues to wash and clean containers before they go into the re-cycling bin. The amount of water, usually hot! she uses to rinse them out would fill a small bath. Any savings and green credentials she is seeking is totally wiped out by the energy...
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    Club Shop at the Ricoh

    It will be some time before that's up and running!