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    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    Get in. Giles, Dabo, Hamer and O’Hare all great tonight. How good would have that been being there tonight. 3-2, cockneys losing and in Brum on the lash on a Friday night....
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    So i just rewatched the league 2 promotion season

    Tend to agree that in that season he tried to do too much on his own. The injury allowed others the grow into their role. However at championship level I think he’ll be like a new signing. He’s got the ability to be an asset but won’t be trying to take the whole opposition on knowing they’ll...
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    So i just rewatched the league 2 promotion season

    I had to leave that Lincoln game early.... Rhead and his antics in front of the huge away support pissed me off big time 😂
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    So i just rewatched the league 2 promotion season

    I was on holiday in Cornwall for that game and genuinely thought my phone was glitching when the goal alerts came through 😂
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    Transfer Rumour Fabio Kaufmann

    🎶 Allllllllll the Germans, so many Germans 🎶
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    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    4 sided ground with a huge safe standing area behind one goal please 👍
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    Andy Goode

    Goode is one of those sportsmen I really used to love when playing (England and Tigers). Then when they retire and you follow on social media the hero status crumbles when their views become clear. Shilton, Botham and Waddle are others that I can think of too.
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    St Andrew's it is then

    If you were a true fan you’d move your job, family and home to Digbeth..... for 5 years so the commute to the game was bearable....
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    Bottom budget

    Im sure I read somewhere they’re considering a wage cap of £18m for the championship... not sure if it needs a vote and when it’ll start from tho? Sure I didn’t dream this up!
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    Something is different

    I’m setting my expectations to surviving next season and then a push for playoffs the following one. (Thus anything better is a bonus!)
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    Ricoh is confirmed?

    Think FFP is being changed to an average over the next two years so SISU could be considering staying another year at Brum. Also with the Man City decision, FFP is bollox anyway. Anyone remember Leicester getting promoted to the Prem, breaking the FFP and then only getting fined £3m I think...
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    Julien Dacosta - CONFIRMED

    Je ne comprends pas
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    Could this be good news for us to return to the Ricoh?

    This financial year maybe..... but not the future ones.