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    Transfer Rumour Kasper Larsen

    Seems decent and the Dutch league is pretty good compared to L1.... could turn out to be a quality signing.
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    It’s no surprise

    my take away from this is that McNulty isn't Totti.... good to know
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    A new CCFC club badge

    Our current badge is perfect! This looks too much like the man city badge for my liking
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    Match Thread Wycombe Match Thread

    might go for a surprise 2-0 win here, then back to distinctly average at the weekend
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    Top goalscorer odds

    I'm gonna be all over that shit
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    Positive News for the Academy - Wasps pull out of Higgs

    Wasps running out of money? Maybe a move back to the capital more financially viable? I can dream
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    What's the possibility of us being at The Butts next season?

    don't think they'll want to take on tenants with a ad track record when it comes to paying rent. Aren't the FA monitoring this though? Hopefully they'll see this as the last straw for SISU and might actually do something if it starts to look any shittier
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    Newport player ratings

    not impressed with Biamou so far this season- but we're only three games in so fingers crossed he'll pick up a bit, might need time to adjust to higher league
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    I'm using NordVPN on my Windows 10 laptop. 9 times out of 10 it works a charm and they are constantly updating and smoothing out their software. Very easy interface and has the capacity for increased personalised settings if you are quite technical. Also company based in Panama (or somewhere...
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    Kit Launch Roll Call

    If you are gonna buy the kit any chance of some pics for the forum? ;)
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    This is next seasons kit (probably)

    For some reason this crossed my mind a week or so ago, I think I saw a Man City fan chatting shit about who played in Sky Blue first and he was insistent it was Man City who first adopted the Sky Blue kit. I was fairly confident it was us but wasn't 100% sure. Good to know now for future reference!
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    How many away grounds have you done with CCFC?

    A heads up for you, Exeter are renovating their away end so I'm told there will be less tickets available than normal, so buy in advance ;)
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    Yeovil away

    Croyde & Saunton are great for surfing too