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    Experience needed?

    Simple answer NO!
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    the economy - what is going on?

    Certain motor manufacturers are having record breaking sales, both new and used. I could work 5 or 6 days every week delivering cars all over the country but try to limit it to a maximum of three. 👍
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    Who loses out in this debacle?

    Short term pain for long term gain IMHO
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    Are we back at the Ricoh?

    He’s probably staying at the Hotel.
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    When does next season start?

    September or possibly even early October!
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    The Players who will be forgotten

    Personally I rarely forget a player but in particular those not those who’ve made a massive contribution, ‘Stokesey’ ‘Grimmer’ ‘Willis’ ‘Burgey’ ‘Sparky’ and many, many more. Far too many to mention.
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    Unbelievable! That might be a consideration if we’d ALL played 34 games. Give me strength!
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    Meeting with Joy Seppala & Dave Boddy - Thursday 27th February 2020

    With Lucas back on the scene I don’t think it’s likely to happen at least for 18 months or so!
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    Birmingham don’t want us

    He’s (DB) never ever said that. FAKE NEWS.
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    who is better - Maddison or Callum Wilson

    Impossible to say, totally different types of player. Rate both highly for different reasons.
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    Is it Unthinkable

    Unfortunately you have to find the appropriate site first and I can assure you it won’t come under CCC
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    PC, Imac or Ipad?

    iPad most cost effective and easy to use, can’t beat iOS really. 125gb or 256gb should accommodate 5000 photos and includes great after sales back-up and tuition if required via Apple Shop or on line.