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    I would say renew Godden, if we can get money back or more on Walker then cash in and sign a quick striker to pair with Gyo
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    New Chant for Viktor and Matty

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    Crowd v Peterborough

    The fact people dont like the owners is no excuse, support your team we are playing well who cares that we have shit owners whilst the results are happening as long as they don’t fuck it up
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    Derby points deduction

    Thats quite an interesting point actually, let us hope the Club continues to only spend with money we have rather than go back into a financial crisis
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    Bright and Robins

    So he is still getting fit christ, how bad was the standard in India
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    Potential Coventry Internationals

    How about Brazil
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    Potential Coventry Internationals

    McFadzean - Scotland
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    Derby points deduction

    They are lucky they have the money to get back quicker if needed
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Whatever the result stay loud and proud!
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    4-0 Gyo hat trick Waghorn. X 1
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    Derby points deduction

    Just thought I would share these from what I have seen on the socials 🙂 While I agree with the comment on the ESL, these comments are a joke, where was this when Sheffield Wednesday got their’s…. Nowhere as it was deserved, do they think they are above everyone else? We know how this feels so...
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    Expected Goals table

    All I have to say is, Premiership