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    Time to forget about the ricoh and look to the future. It never felt like home anyway as its a soulless Bowl half empty that will become a white elephant for the council
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    Lets get this right

    Interestingly it looks like wasps have leased car park c to a haulage company with it now full of trucks. I wonder what the deal is on that as if we returned they would need to kick them out to allow away fans coaches and parking. Does make you wonder if they never had any intention of allowing...
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    Bournemouth Enquire about Robins

    A house in Coventry or a house in sandbanks. No brainer really
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Well thats Duggins and his mates exec box sorted for another ten years
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    Transfer Rumour Rumour - Valentin Costache

    Any rumours about Carl Baker ?
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    Team of the Season

    The sunderland echo clearly didnt understand the rule about not voting for your own Players
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    Boddy Update

    Time to move JH statue. Im sure if he was alive he wouldnt want to have his statue outside the wasps nest now along with the memorial garden. Time to start thinking of new locations
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    Boddy Update

    Why are you blaming sisu for all this ? are you actually a wasps fan trolling
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    The positives – Had time to reflect as not the end of the world

    The alternative is being back at the ricoh being held to ransom by wasps and the council with no income than match day tickets whilst we keep wasps a float. There is also the pitch issue which from what i saw of it last season and the season before is not suitable or fit for purpose to play any...
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    Transfer Rumour Marcel Hilsner

    I hope we haven't signed him at the expense of Carl Barker
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    Left back

    Is greg downes still around ? would bring a lot of experience and has premier league experience and fa cup winner
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    The new flag designs...

    Is the new flag going to be displayed on the boat as we sail down the thames with a free bar
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    Fans allowed in? - Updated!

    Some cant even use the right door to go in the toilet let alone use common sense and social distance
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    Are we back at the Ricoh?

    It mentions the Ricoh once. Just shit reporting from the cet but this post is like a cet click bait headline
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    Ricoh Lease...

    The title of this post reminds me of a cet click bait title