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    Coventry City v Cardiff City Song Review

    Gruff, sent a shiver down my back listening to that, better and better each one, keep up the great work
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    George Curtis

    RIP GC, a collusus and will never forget Wembley 1987
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    Holiday thread

    Done many weekends in the Peak District, as has been said Buxton and Ashbourne lovely places to visit
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    Holiday thread

    Just come back from a week in a log cabin by Cheddar Gorge, picked the perfect week for the weather. Nothing for the rest of the year as moving house, but hoping to get to Bali next June if open
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    Login Issues

    Thanks Nick, I thought it was just me
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Just booked my second jab for tomorrow, then down The Craffie with a catch up with friends for a session, can't wait
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    Help with Custom Built Gazebos

    Morning all, just reaching out to see if anyone has had custom built gazebos done for them, looking to get some quotes for a custom gazebo built for over our hot tub. Looked at a lot of ones to purchase off the net, but the boss wants something more custom to her style,
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    On the India front, cricket was only the tip of the iceberg, the Indian president has allowed mass political rallies ready for elections, and there was a festival to do with bathing in the Mother Ganges that attracted masses, they're now up to approx 300 to 400 thousand new infections a day...
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    Moving to Australia

    Too old now, but visited family in Perth several times over the last few years, if I was younger would jump at the chance, clean living, everything on your doorstep and majority of people very friendly. In all walks of life you'll get some dickheads, but if you join in and become part of the...
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    Best feeling ever?

    Same as some above, have done all 4 City Wembley trips. For me alone would be 87. But has to be the Checkatrade as created a sky blue monster with my son (according to ex) and thought he would never see any kind of City success, so to be able to share that Wembley win with him, surpasses anything
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    Final Position Predictor

    When you look at the last ten matches there isn't really a lot in it Coventry 9 points Birmingham 10 points Rotherham 12 points Sheff W 7 points Derby 9 points Huddersfield 10 points Forest 10 points Preston 8 points Blackburn 7 points...
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    Final Position Predictor

    17 Coventry City 46 12 15 19 41:58 -17 51 18 Rotherham United 46 12 12 22 50:60 -10 48 19 Derby County 46 11 13 22 34:55 -21 46 20 Preston North End 46 13 6 27 43:63 -20 45 21 Sheffield Wednesday 46 11 11 24 36:60 -24 44 22 Huddersfield Town 46 11 11 24 44:69 -25 44 23...
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    Membership / Season Tickets

    Bloody sausage fingers
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    Membership / Season Tickets

    Ordered our 4, thought I was going crazy at one point as I have everyone in my network but it was not allowing me to pick my sons and his mates. Spoke to son in question and he mentioned that they only had match packages last season at the Ricoh. Still then allowed me to purchase 2 extra...