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    Things that annoy you

    Couple of hookers, big pile of cocaine and some Grey Goose. Job's a good 'un!
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    So vaccine passports will have to be shown for anyone attending our away games at Swansea and Cardiff then?
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    Just because there’s always a chance for a moan…

    Same thing happened to my daughter but it was a Rolex. Randomly just happened to be a mans Rolex as well. 👍
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    Morning troops

    Slightly hungover, not sure 8 pints on a school night was the wisest idea, and currently looking for new jobs as I’m beginning to fucking hate mine! But bar that all good actually!! How’s the Missus feeling Daz?
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    Match Thread Cardiff - Home - wednesday the 15th

    I agree but to limit a side like Cardiff to one real chance in the whole 90 minutes is pretty good going especially with the size and strength of their team. Let’s be honest the start to this season has exceeded pretty much everyone’s expectations and for me top half mid table at the end of...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    My Missus drove past UHCW last night and said that there was an anti-vax protest taking place. If you want to protest then that is your prerogative but outside a hospital? When staff have been at breaking point, when people can’t go and see family members because of COVID, people dying alone...
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    Player Ratings

    I’d bump Maatsen to a 7 but bar that I agree.
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    The best team since prem relegation

    100% There were 3 or 4 occasions tonight where a slightly better pass or a bit of luck would have put us clean through. Pure cliche but it des feel like there will be a game when it clicks and we absolutely roll a team over.
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    Match Thread Cardiff - Home - wednesday the 15th

    Someone posted it earlier but that is one of the most comfortable 1-0 victories I’ve watched. Moore didn’t have a save to make did he? Hyam was class and not sure he lost a header!! Waghorn and Gyo’s feet were like glue, everything seemed to stick and their runs were constantly dragging...
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    I backed them to win the league as well. Get the piss taken out of me every Saturday now when they lose.
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    Match Thread Boro' Match Thread

    I’ve backed the draw. I do fancy Waghorn to get on the score sheet today though.
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    Things that annoy you

    Agreed. It's not only the ones that want to give them up just because they've now got to go back to work but wait until even the ones who don't want to give them up have to start dealing with dogs with severe separation anxiety as the dogs have known no different. I'm on my third dog...
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    Match Thread Boro' Match Thread

    Surprised Sean Flynn hasn’t had a mention yet. Another player who was superb in the air for his size.
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    Two Tone exhibition

    Went a couple of months ago, and my first time in the Herbert for years, and as you say it is really well done and definitely worth a couple of hours of your time.
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    Poland v England

    It’s a good goal too be fair. If completely undeserved.