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    Wanna Bet

    Supply and demand my friend
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    Wanna Bet

    You shared a seat?
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    Wanna Bet

    Update: The $3,000,000 world record didn’t last long. Wednesday’s game total was just under 5.5 million
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    Wanna Bet

    LinkedIn? I’m lucky I can make phone calls with my vast knowledge of technology
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    Wanna Bet

    Did you win yet?
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    Wanna Bet

    Hockey just started in Canada with post covid empty stadiums. The Edmonton Oilers set up an on line 50-50 draw with 50% going to the winner and 50% split between the club and local charities. Over $3,000,000 was brought in. Apparently this amount set a world record for a 50-50 draw. Anyone have...
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    Sheffield Wednesday points deduction

    They’ll be really struggling if they lose their first 4 games and find themselves 24 points behind us
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    Fans back in grounds in September

    Sunderland will be OK
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    Liam Kellys Meat

    Now we have VAR porn?
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    Match Thread Coventry v Rangers

    More like pissing themselves
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    Season Start

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    Cameron Carter Vickers

    Maybe we could pick up Kane for the season?
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    Villa out of bottom 3

    Oh yes of little faith. We’ll be stronger than both of ‘em