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    Phoenix Rising

    This felt like a low point. 5 Nov 2016 Away in the FA Cup first round to Morecambe. We didn’t lose (and won the replay) but it felt desperately lucky. Crowd of under 2k, Jerry Sterry scored his only goal for us and I remember the desperation that Jack Bean would actually prove to be the...
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    QPRU23 v Coventry U23

    Official twitter credits Enobakhare with assist
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    Jamie allen

    Sheaf returns for Allen today
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    It would be very possible not to succeed. Cardiff under Vincent Tan, Man Citeh under Thaksin Shinawatra, QPR owned by Lakshmi Mittal, Fulham under Al-Fayed and now under Shahid Khan - all showed how it was possible to be owned by billionaires who were willing to spend and spend and nevertheless...
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    matty James

    How did Paterson play?
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    DO NOT boo the knee

    leaving aside your interpretation of both taking the knee and the movement for Black Lives, no one is asking you to cheer the City players who do it tomorrow, you are being asked not to boo.
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    DO NOT boo the knee

    I’m a bit worried that Bez won’t get back from Scotland in time for kick-off /taking the knee on Saturday.
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    DO NOT boo the knee

    The people who object would have found some reason to object. The “looks like subjugation” line is particularly hilarious. Would you prefer a Black Power salute?
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    DO NOT boo the knee

    It’s depressing that this has to be spelt out. The people organising the stance have said it’s simply a statement about opposition to racism. If you’re anti anti-racist I’ve a fair idea what you are. Politics is about power, who has it, who doesn’t abs why. Taking the knee is a political...
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    Song creation thread

    Ahhhhhh He smiled Ben Sheaf Nice teeth
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    Jack Wilshire

    Was pretty anonymous for Bournemouth in this league last season. Even if there was a shred of truth in this I suspect I’d wish that there wasn’t.
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    Jake Clarke-Salter

    sorry wasn’t trying to be massively smartarse (only slightly) but this is exactly the point I was making. Mowbray wasted a close season trying to land Wilson at the expense of other targets and it can’t have helped our very poor start to the relegation season
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    Entrance Music

    Nice touch to play “Enjoy Yourself” as we left the stadium yesterday
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    Video Goal Cam | Nottingham Forest

    Imagine the stick Moore (or Wilson or Marosi) would be getting if he’d had let in that second goal