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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    If it’s part of the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme we have the perfect candidate for lit sponsorship by Fellatio Martinez.
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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    He does. Played 45 mins for Scotland (vs Luxembourg) while he was playing for Kilmarnock. Also played for their U18s and u21s
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    Tommy Robinson

    Norman Tebbitt fails his own Cricket Test. Lived and represented Essex for 30 years, yet supports Middlesex.
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    Transfer Rumour Ben Sheaf

    Kelly has been absolutely integral to us since the second half of our League 2 season. He’s coped with the step up in quality whenever required despite many people thinking that he might struggle. Let’s see. The model suggested here is a good one but it doesn’t always work out for the...
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    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

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    Zain westbrooke

    So it’s possible that his now deleted tweet was not football related at all.
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    Zain westbrooke

    Tweet deleted what did he (ZW) say? He’s done well by the City who picked him up after his career had taken a downturn. He forced his way into the team and contributed well to our promotion. The club have also done right be him and picked up the optional year on his contract. It’s good if he...
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    Championship Play Offs

    Only 8 league games against them since the war and not one since 1968.
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    Andy Goode

    Simon Gilbert who’s not always asked the questions we really wanted to know the answers to, seems to be pursuing this now and publicly putting Wasps and the Council on notice that he’s seeking an answer.
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    New Sponsor. Place your bets

    I’d be amazed if any University signed a new sponsorship deal in the current climate
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    Team of the Season

    Lot of love for Shipley there considering he didn’t make the final XI or the backup XI.
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    You can’t appeal academic judgment - only defective process.
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    Trainer Refurbs

    Yep. Dunlop Green Flash on the other hand...
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    New Kit

    No University is going to be entering new external sponsorship deals at the moment. Their own financial models are under enough strain with the uncertainty over student numbers and return to campus plans post-pandemic.
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    Match Thread Coventry v Rangers

    Callum Wilson might be available for him. I’m not convinced Wilson would be in huge demand in the english Prem but I’d expect him to score a large amount of goals in the SPL.