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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    I always felt that Scargill was on some ideological crusade and the NUM was his vehicle. I'm not sure it was always the miner's best interests that were at the heart of his campaigns. If you compare him to Joe Gormley, the bloke he succeeded, I don't think he comes out as a very good leader. You...
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    So far this season we have played far more on the break. It is almost as if the MK Cup game was a preparation for this style, as we retreated and allowed them a lot of the ball. In that game, unlike the other 3 we have played, we conceded a lot of chances. Even the second half against QPR...
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    From the club's s point of view I would think that extending the ban on fans in stadiums is no bad thing. I presume they have sold out the 3500 membership/ST allocation, so that money, reduced as it is, is in the bank. I also presume that opening up St Andrews for the 3500 to get in would have...
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    Tommy Hutchison's Birthday

    He is the best Coventry player that I have ever seen. Luckily for us we had him in the era before freedom of movement.
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    I saw Barnsley twice the season they got promoted. Although we took 4 points off of them, they were obviously a very good (League 1) team. They must have improved on that to have survived last season. I read on here that they won only one of their opening 9 games. That would indicate, that to...
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    One of the comments made by the commentator or one of the pundits last night was that last season our style smothered teams. I am not sure he was being entirely complementary as he was comparing the fact we conceded the least amount of goals in League One with, what to him, seemed a fairly...
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    From the stats given out on the TV last night it would seem that QPR are quite prolific. Their problem hasn't been scoring but defending. It’s hard to tell at the moment how the league will shape up. QPR may be struggling, they may not. To say they are a team we should expect to be beating...
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    Whats left then

    I thought the QPR keeper looked poor
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    You also thought Eccles wasn't up to it and spent a large part of last season saying that Bakayoko should never play for us again. That's as we'll as letting everyone know how crap Robins was in games for not changing things. Games we usually won. If Robins thinks that Shipley is worth a go...
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    Realistic signings

    Trakia Plovdiv sounded a magical and mysterious name when they came out of the hat in in 1970. The fact is that they weren't as magical as Bayern Munich. (still more mysterious though)
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    Match Thread Gillingham Away

    A couple of hours ago you were saying that Eccles was not good enough.
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    I enjoyed reading this as the players in the clip were a mystery to me, apart from Nicolas and Curtis. You mention Stuart Imlach. This reminded me of a great little book written by his son, Gary. It's called: My Father, and Other Working Class Hero's. Gary mentions that in researching this book...
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    Player Ratings v Bristol

    Whenever Eccles has played he has been impressive. I read on here he is 20 now? If that is the case then he needs to be given his chance. I can't see a reason for keeping him if he isn't going to be played.
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    I bought my ST from the ticket office last week. I asked the lady about the QPR game and she told me it wasn't covered by the ST deal as it was on Sky. I think we will have to buy a match pass the same as everyone else.
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    Match Thread Bristol City V Coventry City

    3.45 on the opening day of the season last year we were 0-0 at home to Southend so I think we could give it a bit longer.