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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Nah... he’s waiting for Starmer to come up with it before stealing it 😉
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    The EU: In, out, shake it all about....

    Brexit sycophants...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Think you’ve misunderstood.... ‘lefties’ are congratulating the NHS on the outstanding roll out of the vaccine programme. They are also wondering how much better test, track and trace would have been if they’d been able to do that instead of spaffing billions up the wall at Serco. They are also...
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    I’m not saying we should do that - but in the last 15 years have we had good foreign policy? Selling weapons to the Saudis for example.
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    Finally got my running trainers back on - want to start back up with the football at beginning of April. I just feel utterly shit at it. Did 2.5 miles today but I feel like I make it so difficult for myself but don’t know why....
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    Let’s be honest, it’s about time the West generally stopped fucking interfering elsewhere - which for some will be an unpopular position. The USA and the UK were the main protagonists in helping to create the power vacuum the saw the creation and rise of ISIS.
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    Birmingham's ground is falling down

    I think we should offer them a groundshare when we finally find somewhere..
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    Greatest Manager Of All Time ?

    In my lifetime it has to be Ferguson.
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    Next 5 games

    We are capable of winning all 5. We belong in this league and have the players and manager to do so. Time to see if they can channel the quality and be decisive in games.
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    Match Thread Blackburn Match Thread - 27th Feb - 3PM Kickoff - Ewood Park

    I’d take the first 2 changes for now...
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    My biggest issue with his leadership at the moment is that I feel he doesn’t have the ideas for the radical approach that will be needed in a post Cov-ID world. I saw John McDonnell on Sky this morning talking about how UBI isn’t so much of a leap from where we’ve been with furlough. McDonnell...
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    Recommend a beer

    Should be getting the latest Beer 52 in the next couple of days, usually some good ones in there... as long as they lay off the gooseberry and passion fruit infused beers!
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    Old Arcade and PC Games

    I’ve played Super Mario Deluxe on the Switch and it just doesn’t have the same feel as something like Super Mario world on the SNES... it actually feels inferior.
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    Old Arcade and PC Games

    This was the first style RPG game I ever played on the Spectrum - got me hooked on the genre to this day. Spellbound.