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    Match Thread Middlesbrough ("H") - Tues 2nd March - 19:00 KO - St. Andrews

    What a player, never doubted max (asks @Nick to delete all my prior comments)
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    Ricoh Return

    I’ve always wondered this. I’ve been to grounds where it’s a row of Stewards and a bar between fans. how come the Ricoh Deems about 4 blocks appropriate
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    Brighton probably haven’t seen him have a good game either
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    Beat the drop

    Sheffield weds have won 9 in 32 they’re not all of a sudden going to win 7 in 14 especially when they have to play 7 of the top 9 Same with Rotherham. If we hit 50 points that’ll keep us safe.
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    Biamou has had two good games. Im yet to see one by Gyorkeres and from what Swansea fans said they’re still yet to see one
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    Ricoh Return

    I more hopeful that they’d look to sell, given a return to the Ricoh and possible championship football. Would this be at the top of the cycle?
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    Ricoh Return

    If we return and stay up with the rent likely to be lower than 1.2 million - would SISu technically have us in a better place then when they found us?
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    Swansea looked like a well organised side to be honest. We seemed to be alright until we got to their defence and then we seemed to run out of ideas. Ayew shouldn’t be in this league he’s so good, we did well to keep him quiet and Hourihane is just class. they’re a good side
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    Barnsley on a madness

    I’d imagine there was a better striker than Bakayoko and Biamou at that cost available
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    My concern is that whilst I accept he’s a centre half, if our tactic relies on set pieces to his head I’d expect him to be competent at that. a lot of those 17 off target shots are ones he’s got control of and just spooned
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    Barnsley on a madness

    I don’t think he’s a waste of money per se, I’m of the opinion that he’s a class player, however is likely on a significant wage, which could have been used on a better strike option than Gyorkeres
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    Match Thread Swansea

    I would tend to agree with this. We do need a better version of Biamou, someone like Kiefer Moore mold.