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    Match Thread Bournemouth (A) Sat 10th

    None of us know how fit Godden is. We have to trust his and Robins' judgement.
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    Championship Standard Players

    Haven't seen a single photo of him smiling during training
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    Did these players really feature for us.

    I remember Jennings and Bailey but can't remember Dickinson
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    I agree. I like him and would like us to sign him if possible. However, I feel he is lower Championship level at the moment.
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    Have to say I don't think he is anyway near that level, at least not now. Think his passing and lack of skill on the ball would be badly exposed in that league.
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    Today’s games

    I don't think Painter played a single first team game for us did he? I will never forget Kilcline's goal against Luton. The end of that match was so tense.
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    Championship Standard Players

    I agree it was strange they didn't target Eccles. I suspect it was because their best player was on their right, but surely they could have moved him over. I think Eccles looks a great player as a midfielder but many overrated his performance on Monday. I think we got away with playing him...
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    Championship Standard Players

    I find the criticism of McCallum really difficult to understand. I would say only O'Hare and Hamer have been better than him this season. Considering he has been on loan his commitment and attitude has been first class.
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    Callum O’Hare lookalike

    I thought so too!
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    Championship Standard Players

    Actually that is not quite right. I would keep Ostigard if we could but feel McCallum is better
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    Championship Standard Players

    I am sure I am in a minority on this but I feel the opposite
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    Match Thread Bournemouth (A) Sat 10th

    Agree. No criticism of Eccles who did well but this is really not his position. Problem is Dacosta would worry me more.
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    Lost the Dressing Room

    It's rarely that simple and as fans we don't know the true position. 1. Marosi is clearly the better keeper but probably wasn't fit to play 2. Hyam was our best player in the early part of the season, and it wasn't clear who could replace him when he lost form 3. Agree on Kastaneer and...
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    I agree. I think he looks a really good player but this is not his position
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    McFadzean saves the day

    I can just imagine the outcry if McCallum had done that backpass