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    Ex Player Watch

    His only half decent game for us. Was a massive disappointment.
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    Bright and Robins

    Did he get thrown out of Wolves? I thought his contract came to an end. Ditto Kilmarnock just his loan spell ended?
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    Millwall ratings

    Sorry missed that but I felt the same
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    Millwall ratings

    I agree. If you took O'Hare out of that team we would really notice it. Opposing teams clearly are scared of him and that means that our other players get less attention. Although he is doing well at the moment Allen is nowhere near O'Hare in terms of ability and impact.
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    Is that genuine? I just can't believe anyone could be so callous. Absolutely disgusting if true
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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    134,00 dead from Covid, one of the highest rates by population in the world Abject failure to protect care homes by allowing residents with covid to return from hospitals Confused policies on lockdowns and masks etc, acting too late and failing to learn lessons Disastrous withdrawal from...
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    Most valuable player - so far

    The good thing is it's not a reflection on him but that it shows how well the others have done.
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    Most valuable player - so far

    I think that is just about right
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    Dabo's suspension

    It's totally different. The sort of challenge that Dabo made can seriously injure an opponent and that is why it is now a Red. Those on O'Hare last night were annoying but not dangerous.
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    A Cardiff fans view

    They're in ninth position after 7 games and have just lost 1-0 away. Does feel a bit of an over reaction. Collins scores and they get a decent away point.
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    Nothing if not predictable. One misplaced pass and it's confirmation bias. Was the same with McCallum last year. How's Moore doing?
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    Great again tonight. Then again so were McFadzean and Clarke-Salter.