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    Pask is better than Hyam

    Park’s passing was actually quite good. He actually found the strikers a couple of 3 times with some through balls. Was it me or did McCallum look a bit more solid too?
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    Match Thread Bournemouth (A) Sat 10th

    Whoever is at RWB will be a target for them. They are strong down that side. Didn’t all their goals come from that side last time out?
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    Vaccine Passports for Sports Games

    You're so blind that you cannot see You're so deaf that you cannot hear
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    If you could have one new thing at the Ricoh

    Liam Walsh doing a mazy run from the halfway line and smashing it top bins in front of a packed house. Finally, everyone gets to witness the Scouse Messi's magic live in action!! 💦
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    Membership shirt

    I got mine today. Ordered Xl they sent L. Too scared to try it on – no Joe Wickes for me this past year 😬
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    Kasta gone to Hearts

    Apparently good in the box.
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    Mirror Article

    Best article I've read in any newspaper for a long time #PUSB
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    Eccles Recalled

    Might start on Satdeeeee
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    Match Thread Stoke City

    I predict 3-0 - Rosario brace and Quinn ;)
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    Match Thread Huddersfield

    So they have Hogg and Stearman on 4 yellows. We have Magic Gus, Sheaf and Osti.
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    Favourite current players

    Dabo Osti O'hare
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    Clive Eakin [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    Lets be honest he’s a bloody awful commentator. On the radio you think City are about to score the way he always gets more excited when the opposition are on the attack!!! This is compounded when you’re watching his commentary and you realise this over excitement for opposition attacks are...
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    Sweet Caroline

    Seen any vids of the players singing it in the dressing room after the Norwich game? Links?
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    Wasps rescued again

    SOB's!! So Wasps will get almost £5m of taxpayers money!!! I doubt any stimulus for Footy wouldn't equate to that for us!!!