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    Fankaty Dabo

    The good news is Dabo and O Hare will help guide us to a respectable finish in the championship this season. The sad news is both will be subject to offers in the summer, possibly January which will be good for the coffers but not for the team. But then again that’s our model.
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    He’s in form which we need. 15+ and we’ve got out of him what’s needed in the division. With O hare chipping in and maybe Walker when he gets going we’ll be fine. After 2 games we have scored 4 and conceded 4. The creativity and goals are there but we need to shore up at the back
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs QPR

    Some QPR fans calling us a poor team is either sour grapes or harsh or both. Yes they dominated first half and we were poor but we dominated 2nd half completely and that’s the team we are! And to bite back, they dominated in a half our No1 had nothing to do!! I’d rather have 38% and win than...
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    Dabo + Rose

    Dabo starts for me
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    Match Thread Gillingham Away

    I still think we’ll be fine but 2 two things are a concern and that is the amount of chances we are not converting. Last night we missed 2 1on1s. Can’t do that in the champ. We need to start making % on chances created although one box is ticked in terms of creating chances. 2nd concern now is a...
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    Match Thread Gillingham Away

    Play first teamers that need minutes and fringe players as their ‘opportunity’ to impress. League first always but wouldn’t mind a cup run
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    How many points for safety?

    It’s probably going to be around the 50 point mark. Proud of the team yesterday. Worst possible start conceding after 20 seconds, but dominating the game generally for the next hour is pleasing to see. Great to have possession but you need to do something with it and on another day we’d have had...
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    Early Season - how do we think it will go ?

    Tough first game however on their forum they are cautious about our game. Suggesting playing a promoted team with momentum is a banana skin. Remember it takes about 10 games to see where we are.
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    Callum Wilson Where to next

    Unfortunately Wilson is too injury prone
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    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    I hear ya but we’ve won there already this season so psychological advantage with us I feel
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    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    Probably not. Probably keep it tight, counter and get what we can. To be fair a draw would be a decent result.
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    Match Thread Ipswich v Coventry Match Thread

    We’re due to give someone a hiding and it’s coming Saturday. They are low on confidence and out of form. IF we go 1-0 up early this will end up being 4/5 so I’m going for it. 0-4 City
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    Ipswich v Fleetwood

    Hopefully. A 0-4 Saturday would do it.
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    Meeting with Joy Seppala & Dave Boddy - Thursday 27th February 2020

    Quick one guys, might be said but I’ve not read the full thread. When talking about a 4 sided stadium was there any talk of the building design being anything like how Highfield road was? Such as having a west terrace type area etc? I’d fucking love a modern day Highfield rd!!
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    Ipswich v Fleetwood

    The way the stats read tonight, we’ll give Ipswich a hiding on Saturday. Got a feeling Lambert will get the boot this week if they lose this one tonight