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    Tyler Walker

    Jay Bothroyd
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    12 Games to Go

    We'll need something from the last game.
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    We're not playing through the midfield now and so he's just not involved.
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    Can you elaborate on why Walker gets a 6?
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    Strikers next season

    Pace and Strength is a must. Not just a physical lump.
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    Beat the drop

    Can't help but feel we'll need something from the last game. It's just what we do.
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    Match Thread Blackburn Match Thread - 27th Feb - 3PM Kickoff - Ewood Park

    We're exactly the type of team you'd want to be playing on the back of a 5 game losing streak. Just don't have a killer instinct to take advantage of poor form or fragile confidence. Time we brought in Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese into the coaching staff.
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    Barnsley on a madness

    But fair play to Barnsley. Going brilliantly.
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    Barnsley on a madness

    It's funny how when another team's fan say "he's the best in the league", generally no-one else has heard of him.
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    That's hugely unfair. The majority of his attacking headers are blocked on the line. Would love to see a compilation, if someone is really bored. In my eyes he's been really unlucky infront of goal.
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    Match Thread Swansea

    Think you're being too polite here.
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    Jodi Jones

    Reckon he could play/compete in O'Hare's position?
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    Jodi Jones

    Fingers crossed for the lad. Think it's a no brainer really. Won't be costing us much and has the potential to make an impact. I read somewhere that the chances of re-doing your ACLs after they have been reconstucted are really slim. Surely those type of injuries are behind him now.
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    U23 Vs Wednesday

    Don't like the woman personally, certainly wouldn't trust anything from her.