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    Adi Viveash

    Two young chavs ran on. One got caught straight away. The other ran round to near the dugouts only to be dropped by viveash
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    Championship 21/22

    Keepers been booked for time wasting. You’d think he’d learn after last week 😆
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    Billy Joe Saunders

    Get yourself on tik tok
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    Oh Lord - RIP John Sillett

    It’s a Really sad day. He was a true legend at the club. I’m absolutely gutted after hearing the news.
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    I'm not so sure. The Friday kick off meant that Moz could get to watch the City in Bournemouth on Saturday as well :LOL:
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    Has anyone found...

    He got it back before they took him away. He was back there before the end though. What happened for it to kick off in the first place?
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    He didn’t pass to a city player until 70 minutes
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    Moore 7 the save at 2-0 was crucial Dabo 5 was a 3 until the sending off Maatsen 7 Fadz 8 stopped Solanke Hyam 7 did well and pushed on a lot late on Kane 8 some great crosses and deserved the goal MOTM Sheaf 8 was very very good Kelly 8 I thought he was great again Ohare 7 lots of running as...
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    Make that 6😆
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    We’ve been up against the wind this half. Plenty of time to get some shots off as it’s swirling round in the penalty area.
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    Kane’s played centre half before so I’d think he’ll be there.
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    Not just leamington. Looks like a lot of day trippers out. Definitely a Wembley feel about it.
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    I’m feeling unusually confident today. As long as we don’t let an early goal in we’ll win.
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    Makes a change it’s Usually snowing football tickets there
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    Crowd trouble

    Sounds fishy to me.