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    Football and Music Names

    10cc fc Can’t believe nobody thought of it!
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    Football and Music Names

    Dinosaur junior hoilett Pj Harvey Barnes Jimmy Carter the unstoppable sex machine
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    Player Ratings (Reading A)

    Wilson 5 McAllum 5 Hyam 4 Osti 5 McFadz 5 Dabo 6 Hamer 6 James 6 Shipley 5 Ohare 5 Victor 5 Played ourselves into trouble by trying to play from the back.
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    Goals - where will they come from?

    Today was the right game to play 2 strikers. They play a high press in numbers so we could have gone longer from defence. Instead we still try and play from the back and give them 3 goals and a ourselves a red card.
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    Trump is my favourite comedian of the year already

    In the plus side they reckon Joe exotic is on just pardon list.😆
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    All purpose cricket thread

    It’s a Massive win for India with their whole first choice bowling attack and most of their batting missing.
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    Richard Keogh

    Hopefully not the coach driver
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    Transfer Rumour Viktor Gyökeres

    That’ll get him 3 weeks grace on booing
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    PCB's new approach that was purchased a year ago in which mentors

    Can this be merged-with the cricket thread
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    Transfer Rumour Viktor Gyökeres

    I’ll wait to see how fit his missus is before judging how good he is.
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    All purpose cricket thread

    They weren’t great. I’d have liked a few overs at them myself!
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    Chris Coleman

    I can never forget the inept display at Charlton when we needed to win to stay up only to be saved by Leicester losing somehow. That side should never have been so low in the league and they clearly didn't give a fuck. That was down to him. He's a poor Poor manager.
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    The 'not so obvious' hot babes thread!

    You may have a point or two there.
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    Chris Camwell

    He put a picture of the score after the second went in with a lot of laughing faces. Apparently some then put his phone number up for people to see.
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    Colby Bishop

    Watched him last night and thought he led the line well, stretched the defence and looked decent overall.