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    Ex Player Watch

    Turnbull was absolute turd for us and I’m amazed he still has a professional career to be quite honest
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    Exciting Prospects?

    What about Ngandu, thought there were high hopes for him or has his development stalled a little?
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    Liam Kelly

    The thing that will probably go against him at Championship level is his pace. Keeps possession very well and is a smart player but he’s awfully slow on the turn and to recover, which will be exploited more at the higher level. Still think he’ll have a part to play though
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    Coronavirus (CCFC Related)

    If anyone's interested to see how players are keeping their fitness up, they are using Strava to log all their runs and cycle rides etc. Can search the players on the app Bakayoko did 5.5km in under 20 mins the other day which is rapid, fair play
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    Slow & Boring CCFC players - Take No Mandy

    Out of the current crop, Liam Kelly and Dom Hyam are both pretty slow
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    Sponsors Team - Take the Promotional

    The year we had no one (13/14 season maybe?)
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    Dom Hyam has a decent left foot
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    Jordan Willis

    I don't think Davies was terrible on the ball, but take your point that Rose is an upgrade. I'm a little surprised there hasn't been much reported interest in Hyam, could be his lack of pace that goes against him.
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    Jordan Willis

    Agreed. Back 3 of Willis, Rose and Hyam would be too samey, McFadzean adds that dominance we’ve been missing for a few years. He’s still a very good L1 defender. Might just sneak in ahead of Rose for me but not a lot in it really
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    Ipswich Fan In Peace

    Excellent defender and very strong both on the ground and in the air, considering his height. Particularly good in 1v1s, don't see many beating him with trickery or pace. One of his main attributes is his energy levels, which makes him so effective in both defence and attack as RWB
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Sunderland Match Thread - Sunday 1st Mar

    I agree, as much as I like him I prefer the back 3 we have now. His distribution skills were never his strength so might have found it tougher in this current system
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    Ryan Giles

    Suspect it’s just a case of Beezy biding his time. Come June 30th he’s our only left back, and he’s contracted for another 2 years. He’s still only 22 don’t forget, he may have another chance come pre season to cement a place in the side, regardless of division.
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    Ifollow New York

    NordVPN not working for me in UK, frustrating. Won't even let me sign into my normal account 'your access is restricted from this location'
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    Dion visits Coventry

    Full piece is on football focus tomorrow