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    Transfer Rumour Where will Max Biamou end up?

    Maybe just give it a rest and wish Max the best of luck.
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    The Penalty

    If we're seriously worried or even having a debate on this - then it really shows just how well things are going for us.....
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    Two team wankers

    Under rated comment - laughing out loud in a public place!
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    Peterborough Ratings

    CVD - agreed and he showed some class Premiership level control and technique as well with instant control of passes pinged to him cross field in the air.
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    Peterborough Ratings

    Bang on Littlewood and on top of that JCS balances our defence by being left sided (allows Hyam to excel at RCB) - and I'm sure JCS makes Maatsen feel more reassured when they play together.
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    Still don't get it on that definition hill - I didn't see Peterboro passing us off the park.
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    We're in dreamland right now - and absolutely no one could have predicted this start. A top 10 finish would be amazing but one thing is for sure - Robins is making us dream of higher things. As we talked about last week in 2017 at this point of the season we were 10th in L2. It's just...
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    Too happy to argue with you. All I will say is that I'm delighted that your choice Jackett isn't in charge with your boy JCH leading the line. Have a good night and enjoy the win - my quotes above were not aimed at anyone in particular (and for once not at you), mostly in jest at how wrong we...
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    Players written off by some before we kicked a ball in anger on SBT: Moore - 'useless based on that pre-season friendly, can't believe that clown is supposed to be our number one' McFadz - 'too old' Hyam - 'need better' Maatsen - 'too short and Charlton fans don't rate him' Hamer - 'useless...
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    Agreed with all of this Steve....... and the Allen/Hamer partnership is a joy to watch. Must be a nightmare right now for defenders with Allen running through the midfield with his passing accuracy and brilliant movement ahead of him. Maatsen - he's technically superb with his control.
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    Drinking in the stands

    Agreed mate. And don't get me started on the cut in funding to the clubs in the Rugby Championship. Not on this thread!
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    Tip for those taking kids to the game

    To be fair lads and to keep the peace Reppz might have been referring to full replica kit - that's more questionable!
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    Crowd v Peterborough

    Broken Hearted Sky Blue - mate - if we win tonight and go top -could be time for a name change something like.... 'Formerly Broken Hearted Sky Blue.' We're on the way back up!
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    Jesus - the ever shifting changes of public opinion on SBT. We have a couple of decent results and Osti suddenly turns from the next young superstar into absolutely useless and we'd never have him back.