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    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    Cuntiest fuckers.. 🤣🤣
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    Don’t forget it was built as a green transport venue. Most were “supposed” to use other transport systems or the off site parking. From memory they didn’t last long as the crowds dropped.
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    Council meeting for Mark and I

    Ask the CET what questions they would ask and then ask anything else!
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    Council meeting for Mark and I

    Well done chaps for getting the meeting. You’ve done more than almost everyone to help the club, so far. One question. Why is it impossible to deal with the club and SISU?
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    What the absolute fuck are those dickheads at CCC doing??? If this doesn’t start a shit storm, I don’t know what will!
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    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    True. However the backing of the local council was a massive reason the whole concept got going and became such a success. I used the word problem in respect of that council support we appear to be lacking at CCFC!
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    Moving Forward - New Stadium Questions

    The problem with this one (apart from being in Wales) is that the council gifted the land and then worked in conjunction with the club to achieve a community stadium.
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    Transfer Rumour Fabio Kaufmann

    And Gustav O’Hamer
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    Boddy Update

    Could the mysterious third party be ACL? I appreciate it’s another Wasps entity but it is separate isn’t it? Or am I being a tit as usual?
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    Mark Robins Interview - The Coaches Voice

    Good read that! Thanks Nick.
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    Boddy Update

    I’m not pretending to understand this G. But if it’s administration, then the administrator would use the stadium as an asset. If it’s complete receivership then it would be the receivers who control the stadium as an asset? CCC would still hold the freehold but the lease would/could end up in...
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    Match Thread Coventry v Rangers

    That Edmondsson (check spelling later) looked quality
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    Watching the Rangers Game

    The reason it’s not on iFollow is because of Premier Sports deal with Rangers.
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    Why don’t we send Kastaneer in to do the negotiating with W***s?
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    Who's this in training?

    Coventry City?