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    Splitting up with a partner

    Yep....lots of support and guidance out there and opportunities to talk.... take them. After that you can make an informed decision. If I could turn the clocks back I would def have talked to people including the Mrs. I suspect the outcome would be the same but I would have better understood the...
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    Championship Club Membership - 1st Sept

    Think that’s fine..... give them a call. Have to say ... really helpful in the office. My sins isn’t showing yet
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    Budget and Value.

    Think I read somewhere 4th biggest. May have made that up ... but give those knicker stitching crisp eating King stealing feckers nothing. ...... sorry... slight over reaction alert!!!
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    Championship Club Membership - 1st Sept

    Sold out... took longer than I thought
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    Great film on film4 tonight

    Any reviews?
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    new shirt for members

    Nice shirt.... did anyone else click on the link that asked you where you want your name and font size. I’ve gone for between the shoulder blades, Roman numeral, capitals and font size 78. Should look good 🤓🤓
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    Question of sport trio axed.

    It’s disgusting how Old people aren’t represented at all though.... is there an opportunity here to get Sue Barker on Babestation.
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    Top British Bands - 60's-90's ?

    I rarely try new or different music!!! I’m still stuck with a group of bands I’ve always loved. Maybe I need to look at some different genre/stuff to see if it can add something to my music taste. I’ll have a look at who you have mentioned as a starting point 😎
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    Just didn’t work for me.... paid £10 but got nothing. But that didn’t annoy me quite as much as getting hooked up to someone streaming it and over 1000 were watching it for free..... all lost revenue for the club!!!
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    Just got off the plane from Athens to see all this..... really sad awful news....but the blokes come back before and is in great hands and mentally tough. Just so fecking shite on the eve of a season where he and us were going to see him show us what he can do on a big stage.
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    Broad gate 6pm

    Had a look at the pictures because I’m pretty good at the picture round at the local pub quiz. Number 1 is def Zammo from Grange Hill.... But can’t remember his real name. I just know that WMP are going to be as tough as the bloke who runs our pub quiz and gets off on being really strict with...
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    Handling Bereavement ?

    As I’ve got older I’ve found it harder to maintain the old Stiff upper lip.... I find it feels a lot better to let it out. The reason us blokes have so many issues is we think we have to keep our shit together no matter what....
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    Whats happening at the Coventry Telegraph?

    Good luck Tom.... been some good reporting. Not Liverpool is it..? L Echo guy lives opposite family and he was saying he’s moved on..
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    Council meeting - 18/8

    Sorry HH bit of a typo.....and the old weirdo