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    Phil Upton exlusive

    Pretty much Fuck all - calling that interview an exclusive if laughable
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    Bright and Robins

    Did he not score today??
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    Would you have Tom Bayliss back?

    Maybe for 1/2 a bag
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    Now this is a 3rd kit

    how can adidas get it so right with the Ajax 3rd but so so so wrong with the Juve 3rd kit :sick::sick:
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    SISU In or out?

    I don’t really care
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    cant beat a bit of Country and Western Hip Hip
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    incoming signing Jake Clarke-Salter announced

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    Championship 21/22

    Not championship but bakka scoring for Bolton 19 to go
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    F1 2021

    Presumably you are not British?? Can’t see how you can be with the amount of hate you have for Hamilton- the greatest British driver of all time
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    Match Thread Norwich

    at least we wont lose
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    Match Thread Norwich

    It will be streamed
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    F1 2021

    It could just be he doesn't like Max very much :)
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    F1 2021

    Just watched an Interview with Leclerc, who was obviously immediately behind the pair and he said in his opinion it was a racing incident - that's enough for me. The only reason Hamilton got a penalty was because Max crashed out. If it was Lewis who crashed out Max would have got a penalty. If...
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    F1 2021

    He immediately asked over the radio if Max was alright. What else do you want him to do, get out and give him a cuddle?
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    Gylfi Sigurdsson