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    Cup run for George & John!

    Shit bombs at the ready and sky blue smoke flares for old men when it lands in his hood! 😉
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    Id drop Gyok

    Ffs Saddlebrains is on the sniff again! 🤦‍♀️
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    Birmingham attendance

    A Ford Escort was replaced by a Ford Focus and only had 5 seats. Would be a long night M8. Yes I’m a twat 😉
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    Amnesty day!

    What's a snowflake?;)
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    Had a great chat today....

    Was his name Dale?
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    Song for Birmingham Game

    Ffs I enjoyed the games there we were treated very well 100 times better than we were at the Ricoh for many years. We had nowhere to play and they helped us out. Maybe a bit of civility wouldn’t go a miss. We have gone up to the championship and every boozer I went to I have been treated very...
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    Caption Competition: Brizzle (H)

    "Oh Matty Godden...he guffs when he scores!":ROFLMAO:
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    Derby crowd

    Talking to a young lad who works for Wasps they are expecting 24k for the Derby game. Gave him some stick for their attendances only for him to say we give more tickets away than them. Promptly told him to feck off and told him to look at the maths lol! 👍
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    A few San Miguels down

    My mate just left the pub with Billy all over back of his coat. 😳 Is that you Nick? 😉
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    Listen to me just hear me out....

    I was waiting for a “we’re not going up are we?” Thread 👊
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    Team of the week

    Thought we played Peterboro Friday night?:giggle:
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    I thought this was a song title but realised it wasn’t !
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    Bright and Robins

    A forum of pointless threads but decides to add his opinion on a pointless thread anyway!:giggle:
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    Hughton sacked...could MR be a target ?

    Robins will get us to the promised land and on the eve of the new season resign and become a pundit on Match of the day. 😉
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    After the game

    Im up for sending Mark Robins a tenner! Maybe we could all do it and he could use it at the end of the season to do as he wishes with it!