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    Salary Caps

    Now you know that’s not going to happen
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    Salary Caps

    Wonder what they’ll do when a lot of their members are out of work
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    Season ticket refunds

    I actually put ffs because I had to give him alike
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    The Council Question

    They’d have a meeting and not tell him
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    Why would you need a marketing manager when you haven’t got anything to market? Does anybody think that people are going to be looking to book the Ricoh for conferences, exhibitions concerts etc anytime soon? Better off hiring some people to post leaflets.
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    Council meeting for Mark and I

    I think this is all so exciting
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    Sky Blue Trust AGM

    Come to think of it I’m sure it was supposed to be today but didn’t check
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    Sky Blue Trust AGM

    They should have been issuing statements pressurising CCC and Wasps going on the radio in the CET organising marches anything but no they get that twat on the board. Give me strength
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    Sky Blue Trust AGM

    He’s only interested in himself
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    Sky Blue Trust AGM

    That was childish