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    Membership / Season Tickets

    Agreed, much prefer the shirt in reality over the initial sketch on the website.
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    21/22 Summer transfer mega-thread

    Did Biamou ever get a club?
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    Training Wear

    Still £5.95 for me. Was going to make the most of it and use my £10 club shop vouchers
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    Training Wear

    They seem to be running the store on a shoestring. seems an area where you employee an extra member of staff somewhere and it will pay for itself.
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    Street Parking near the CBS

    Does anyone have a map of how far I can park out without being fined?
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    Next Supporters forum 30/9/21 5pm

    There is a strong feeling now that we are in the Championship that a few more 'admin type staff' would help and more than pay for itself in terms of services. I'm thinking post the Reading game, calling everyone directly who bought a ticket and trying to get them to commit to the next home...
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    Was it a good window?

    The big thing for me was retaining all our permanent players that we wanted to keep. In particular Hamer, O'Hare, Dabo and Godden.
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    Your Portfolio

    Anyone on here mining Helium?
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    My story

    Welcome! The more the merrier! :)
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    Crowd v Reading

    Those who want to travel to all away games would need to buy a ST
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    The end of tonight will SHFWF

    More about points than position this early. Rather by 8th with 6 points than 7th with 5 points for example.
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    Match Thread Reading

    Any idea how many they have sold?
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    Club Shop Vouchers

    The whole point here isn't the postage.... It's more for someone like me getting 1x£25 and 2x£10 vouchers. I have to spend £18 postage on three separate orders as opposed to £6 postage on one order as I can't use my £45 in one order together.
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    Club Shop Vouchers

    If it was some random clothese company messing me around I'd not bother....its the loyalty factor that is different here.
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    Club Shop Vouchers

    If it wasn't CCFC I'd start boycotting the company to be honest. They are relying on the loyalty of fans like me who they know will come back for more, but how many casuals/part-timers do they put off with things like this (appreciate this is only for the more loyal so perhaps a bad example)